I first saw this buoy in the summer of 2015 while driving on the South Padre Island (Texas) seashore after mile marker 24. I did not have my technical camera with me but took a couple of snapshots and hoped to come back to it some day.

I got that opportunity in winter. Tide was higher than before and my vehicle got seriously splashed by waves in a couple of spots. Unlike the previous occasion when the sky was just beautifully pastel blue with puffy clouds, it was overcast this day. I did get a bit lucky when a little bit of the sky revealed itself for brief periods.

This buoy rests at a point where the beach widens a bit and there is some spacing between the sand dunes and the waves. Its a very serene and calming location and the buoy rests there peacefully.

Equipment: Credo 60, Rodenstock 32mm HR, Cambo 1200